How to enlarge/resize image for slider within WordPress

How to enlarge/resize image for slider within WordPress

Most sliders (carousels) that feature rotating images need LARGE images.  Many images you upload are somewhere between 300 and 500 pixels in width.  (Width is the important dimension and is always listed first, so 600 x 200  means 600  wide and 200 tall.)  Example of  sites with sliders: and

So if you don’t have PhotoShop or don’t want to waste time, then this is for you!



1. Upload your image as you normally would.

2. Once it’s done crunching, click on “Edit Image” (Alternatively if you previously uploaded an image, you can go to the Media Library and click on “Edit Image” from there.)  See Screenshot below:

(click on image for larger image view)




Then click on “Scale Image”

















Then enter the width size,  (about 620 px) and save by clicking “Update Media”.  See below:









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  1. Thanks for the tip!

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