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  • Healing Place

    Helen Chin Lui, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Usui Reiki Master blogs on all types of holistic and alternative medicine.

    Helen (along with other contributors) also shares her thoughts on the latest health-related news, reflexoloty and self-help information.

  • Hot Lunch App

    The Hot Lunch App finds the best places to go for bartenders, food & drinks by customer popularity!

    The Hot Lunch App is FREE Get it now! Visit: hotlunchap.com

  • Quincy Quarry

    Quincy Quarry features news, humor and politics about life in the City of Quincy from a unique perspective.

    If you like "snark" and political satire ride along with the 'merry pranksters' that poke fun at the Mayor and city government missteps in Quincy, Massachusetts.
    • Quincy traffic safety signs continue missing in action
      Quincy traffic safety signs continue to be missing in action all over the Q care of snow removal workers during the now past Winter of 2015. One can only wonder why so many signs are still knocked over or missing so many weeks after their being so stricken . . . [...]
    • Quincy track at Faxon Field suffering from trashed turf
      In less than two and half years since the dedication of a track at Faxon Field, the turf infield of the estimated two million dollar track facility - all costs included - is pretty much trashed. Even per the well-known shortcomings of the deserved embattled Koch Maladministration, this rapid destruction of expensive new municipal infrastr [...]
    • Quincy drivers still suffering potholes all over town
      Quincy drivers are still suffering potholes just about everywhere they drive in the Q. So what, apparently, that well over triple the original budged funds provided for filling potholes - as well as so larding up overtime pay for some city employees at the Department of Public Works has been provided . . . [...]
  • Reflexology Healing

    Blog about what's new and interesting in the world of reflexology and alternative medicine.

    What is reflexology and how can it help you?

    • Humane Meat Eating – a Closer Look
      Do you eat meat? Well OK. But you should exercise care regarding your sources including the animals you choose to eat. Years ago the ever famous chef, Julia Child made decisive changes in her choices regarding the use of veal. … Continue reading → [...]
    • How to Lose Weight During Your Golden Years
      Have you noticed that your body has started to change now that you’ve hit middle age? You’re not alone. It’s common to see changes on the scale and in the way your clothes fit as you get older. But you … Continue reading → [...]
    • 4 Simple Changes to Help Cut Down on Sugar
      Removing sugar from your diet is the single most important step you can take to improve your health. We’ve become so addicted to the added sugars in our diet that we don’t really taste what we’re eating. To help my … Continue reading → [...]
  • Village 14

    There are 13 villages in the City of Newton, Massachusetts. The fourteenth, "Village 14" is a virtual village where citizens meet in cyberspace to discuss life and politics in their city.

    Become a Villager and join Village 14!

    • A month of local arts
      You may have seen the banners going up in the last few weeks.  You could have seen the flyers and signs popping up around the city.  You pro [...]
    • Cash Mob hits Newton Highlands this Saturday
      I received an invitation yesterday from the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce worth sharing. They are organizing, I think, the first “Cash [...]
    • Marcia Johnson running for re-election
      This arrived via email from Marcia Johnson..  Marcia Johnson, Alderman at Large from Ward 2, announced today that she will be running for re [...]
  • Apomme

    Apomme is French for Apple.

    Apomme where food meets fashion, blog about dining and dressing. Recipes and restaurants and good eating. Check it out!

  • Mass Lawyers Online

    Massachusetts Lawyers Online is a Lawyer - Attorney - Law Firm Directory Website.

    Blog posts about legal matters in Massachusetts and around the country.